What people are saying about Tennacity and why mental skills education is so important.

My online course Tennacity: The Tenacious Mindset, On & Off the Court is based directly on my book. ENROLL in the online course Tennacity. Here are what others are saying about Tennacity:

“I am sure Angelo and his twin brother Ettore were faced with everything from A to Z when they set a Guinness World Records™ title of keeping a ball in play for 15 hours! Can you imagine what their minds were experiencing?…

Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth that you won’t break down and you will do whatever it takes to change. Andre Agassi said, “you can’t change the last point, but you can change the next point.” Tennacity is a must-read (and must-take course).

“What the Rossettis have accomplished is truly amazing.”

Nick Bollettieri with Angelo A. Rossetti – who is holding the fuzz-less world record ball now displayed at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. This ball was rallied 14 hours and 31 minutes and is held next to a new ball from the same can.
Nick Bollettieri, Founder and President of Emeritus IMG Academy.

“Mike, Bob and I have known and admired the Rossetti twins for a long time. They are so very dedicated to our sport and to the players they work with. And they always do lots of extras, including several special events for charitable causes. This new book (and online course) is chock-full of good insights and information that will make you a better player and person.”

Wayne Bryan, Coach & Father of The Bryan Brothers, World #1 Men’s Doubles Team for 438 weeks

“To the Rossetti Bros. You’re #1 too!”
– Bob Bryan & Mike Bryan, 16-time Grand Slam Champions

“I just love Tennacity! The name of the book speaks for itself. Having the “Tennacity” to excel on and off the tennis court is not luck. It requires deep skill that can be practiced and cultivated over time. The content, stories, and practical tips and strategies inside this book are priceless and provide a framework to become a better competitor AND better person. One of Angelo’s favorite strategies to teach his students is to “control the controllables” and his book, Tennacity, succeeds in teaching this valuable skill along with many other mindset gems. I highly recommend this book for athletes and coaches alike.”
Jeff Salzenstein, Founder, Tennis Evolution, Former Top 100 ATP singles & doubles player, 2 time All American & national champion at Stanford, USTA High Performance Coach, & USPTA elite professional.

Jeff Salzenstein and Angelo.

“We all understand that the technical, tactical and physical sides are important in the game, but in the end, it all comes down to your mindset. I can’t think of a better person to write a book (and develop a course) on this than Angelo, someone who has also achieved two world records that relied on a champion mindset.”

Allistair McCaw, Sports Performance & Mindset Coach and Author of 7 Keys to Being a Great Coach, Champion Minded, and Becoming a GREAT Team Player.

“I’ve been working with Angelo on my mental game for about a year. Recently, I was playing a match at a tournament where I lost the 1st set 6-0. I played better in the 2nd set, but still found myself down 5-3 match point. Angelo was the voice in my head as I saved match point and rallied to win the 2nd set 7-5 and the tiebreaker 10-5. I don’t think that would have happened without his help. I can’t think of a better person to have in your corner.”
-Ava S., high school player

“As a past tennis pro, I can attest that beyond nearly any sport, tennis prepares you for life by honing your mental strength, drive, and discipline. Angelo Rossetti has this tenacious mindset. Angelo’s new book (& course) Tennacity is an innovative guide to develop yours. It gives a glimpse into the mind of someone who is the best in the world at something. Learning from someone who has done it is the best type of aspiration and education. Develop your champion’s mindset to accomplish your dreams and goals through Tennacity.”
Frank McKinney Real Estate Artist, 5-time International Bestselling Author (in 4 genres), superhero meets Robin Hood, Philanthro-Capitalist, Ultramarathoner, Actor, and Visionary, frank-mckinney.com

“Angelo brings great knowledge & enthusiasm to the game in Tennacity. He understands the power of your mindset and how important it is. Having a positive, can-do mindset enables you to have success on and off of the court.”

‘Gentleman Tim’ Mayotte, Former ATP Top 10 singles player & Olympic Silver Medalist

“Angelo is a thoughtful and committed tennis coach who knows first-hand how to excel under pressure.”

Jeff Greenwald, author of The Best Tennis of Your Life.

“I really enjoyed coaching Angelo in college. He was a feisty competitor, who always found a way to compete at a high level. His problem solving and mental toughness were two of his best strengths.
– Glenn D. Marshall, Director of Tennis, University of Connecticut

“The continued success and achievements of the Rossetti Bros and their related worthy charities are unparalleled and truly special. This kind of “giving back” is what makes the ‘tennis family’ so very special!”
Dick Gould, Director of Tennis, Stanford University, Coach of 17 NCAA Men’s Tennis Championships

“Wow is all I can say. Incredible!!! The most neglected part of tennis teaching is the mental side of tennis.” (referring to the Rossettis’ first Guinness World Record™, rallying 14 hours & 31 minutes)
– Johan Kriek, 2-time Australian Open Grand Slam Singles Champion

“Angelo’s positive attitude and outlook is both inspiring and contagious.” 
– Matthew Olson, Executive Director, USTA New England

“To the World Record Twins! Congrats!”
– Murphy & Luke Jensen, 93 French Open Champions

Seek clarity in moments of doubt, stay calm, and have complete faith in your abilities.” Being a champion “takes a strong mind.”
Pete Sampras, 14X Grand Slam Champion

Angelo has also been the best in the world at a sport we both love: tennis. What’s important is not just world records. It is also finding joy in both the journey and helping others be their best along the way. Rallying over 14 hours without missing takes mental strength, self-belief and, most importantly, what Angelo coins “tennacity.” That’s the title of his book, which shares how to develop the tenacious mindset on and off the court. Whether it’s setting world records or winning gold balls, having grit and persistence is a key to excellence and winning with integrity.I know you will find lasting value in this book as it will inspire you to great things on and off the court.”

Bob Litwin, author of “Live the Best Story of Your Life, performance coach, 25x USTA National Champion & former #1 in the world senior player

Angelo has created a great resource in his latest book & online course TENNACITY. I know both players and coaches will love what he has to share.

Jorge Capestany, USPTA Master Professional and PTR International Master Professional.
Hope College, Manager – Dewitt Tennis Center, Director – Professional Tennis Management (PTM)

Refreshing Compilation of Mindset Mastery
A great read and mental preparation for the trials, tribulations of tennis and how to master inner thought, expectations, winning/losing and loving the journey on the tennis court!
Mitch Granger 

Angelo Rossetti has been my tennis coach for three years. I have had the privilege of taking private lessons with him on a weekly basis.
In my 20s, I played some recreational tennis, had a break of 15 years and started playing at a competitive level in fall 2011. At that time, I had no technical and mental tennis knowledge and started competing as a singles player at the lowest USTA level. As I lost all my matches, I asked Angelo to become my coach and mentor.
With his outstanding tennis skills, high level of energy, positive attitude, great social competencies and professionalism, Angelo helped me to quickly and significantly improve my technical, tactical and mental game. I started as a 2.5 rated USTA player in September, reached a 3.0 level in December, a 3.5 in August that very next year. Today, only two years after working with Angelo, I am playing singles on a 4.0 team. Our teamwork was awarded by my participation at the District Championship during the Summer 2013, having won 3 matches out of 4. I should also mention that I had a shoulder injury at the beginning of the year and Angelo taught me how to play with a 2-handed forehand like Monica Seles.
Angelo immediately identifies improvement areas, translates them into clear guidance and always creates an encouraging environment to stimulate positive change. He uses a creative approach to finding solutions and adapts his methods based on the achieved results. He updates me regularly on the latest techniques and strategies to play high-quality tennis. He is outstanding in building and winning the trust of players and knows perfectly well how to transmit his exceptional background.
I appreciate Angelo’s teaching style, integrating all technical, tactical, and strategic aspects together with the mental and emotional components. I have found Angelo to be inspiring, knowledgeable, empathetic, and committed. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious. His positive and professional attitude makes the challenge of improving my game fun and achievable.
As 5 members of my family are playing tennis at his club, I had many opportunities to be in contact with Angelo, assuming his responsibilities of the Director of Tennis. In any situation, he demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity, empathy, and care for the customer. He follows projects with passion and is well respected for his competencies, management skills, and leadership. He is a gifted person, having a rare combination of a bright leader, an effective instructor, outstanding mental coach, and an excellent communicator.
Three of my children (17, 16, and 14 years old) have the chance to take a weekly mental toughness training course conducted by Angelo. They love his way of teaching and become mentally stronger and inspired after every session. My 7-year-old son is coached by him as well!
I am delighted to recommend Angelo without reserve as an exceptional Director of Tennis and a truly superb Tennis instructor.
Stephanie P. adult USTA tennis player

On a personal level, Angelo is probably one of the most gracious, personableand giving individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is actively involved in causes and charities close to his heart and does a tremendous job of creating awareness and organizing events outside of his work schedule.
He has a tireless work ethic and many times he is deserving of credit for his accomplishments but rarely accepts it or quickly deflects it as he does these things from the heart and not for personal gain or accolades. This is particularly refreshing quality of his that I value highly. I have had the opportunity to witness Angelo’s approach to teaching tennis up close for several years. This would include private lessons as well as group clinics. He has a very loyal following of clients who participate in his private lessons/clinics and enjoy his energetic style and positive approach to teaching.

Lou G., Former ATP Touring Professional

“There’s no excellence without ‘tennacity’ in anything” after reading the book Tennacity.
Tim Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Tennis and known as the “father of coaching.”

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What people are saying about Tennacity and why mental skills education is so important.