Fun. Enjoyment. Joy

Blog article by Angelo A. Rossetti, USPTA Elite/PTR Professional, USTA HP & Mental Skills Certified & 2X Guinness World Records™ holder. Getty Images photo.

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan

When you are a child and first play sports these are the reasons. You have fun. Yet we can lose sight of these basics. As we get older it gets more complicated.

What are my parents going to think if I lose? They’ve paid a lot of money for lessons. What is my coach going to say? I was supposed to win. What are my friends going to think? Maybe they won’t ask me to play a much. What are my sponsors going to think? Maybe they’ll drop me. What am I you going to do with less prize money? I won’t be able to afford my lifestyle.
If you think of the Bob Marley song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” then it starts to put things into perspective. At the 2017 Australian Open, that song was played in Rod Laver Arena quite often during change overs. The perspective gained from that may have helped the epic comeback story of Mirjana-Lucic Baroni. After her win over the world #3 Agneska Radwanska “I said to myself on the court don’t worry, be happy.” When that song came on during a change over she said to herself “that’s right.”
Not only is it right for her but right for any competitor. Put in perspective why you play. Play for the right reasons. Find your way. Remove worry, be happy. You’ll play your best and enjoy it more. 

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Fun. Enjoyment. Joy

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