10 Coronavirus Controllables

In order to be able to focus on the things that are important, we first must clear our minds of the things that seem urgent. With this pandemic going on right now I’ve developed 10 Coronavirus Controllables to help others be able to control their controllables and not focus on or worry about the uncontrollables.

If you’d like a free .pdf file of the 10 tips listed above please email angelo @ tennacity .org. You may also find value in my book TENNACITY: The Tenacious Mindset On & Off the Court is available online Softcover color on Amazon and Hardcover & softcovers on BarnesandNoble.

You can learn more about a couple of tennis GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ that I have been a part of:

Our Inspiration – 2 World Records 2 Minute Video
FOX News Story
MSNBC News Story
Inspirational Tennis Story: Tennis Begins with Love

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10 Coronavirus Controllables

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